Our Vertical Sliding Sash windows timber retain the traditional looks and combine them with the new modern technological advancements in glazing and joinery construction.

• Fitted with high performance spiral balances which means the days of sash windows sticking, or seizing are history. Traditional decorative horns and brass catches are integrated to complete the effect.

• Fully factory glazed using K Glass™ for its thermal insulating properties which allow heat from the sun through and keep heat inside, making it easier and more cost effective to keep buildings warm.

• Applied glazing bar system to retain the elegant traditional small pane effect, which allows a larger rebate depth to be used to accommodate the modern double glazing units available now and in the future.

• Choices of translucent coatings allow you to choose any colour or finish you so desire. Treated softwood, Oak and Utile being the most popular materials chosen.

Our Vertical Sliding Sash windows timber hold the conventional looks and consolidate them with the new current innovative progressions in coating and joinery development.

• Fitted with elite winding adjusts which implies the times of band windows staying, or seizing are history. Conventional beautiful horns and metal gets are incorporated to finish the impact.

• Fully production line coated utilizing K Glass™ for its warm protecting properties which permit heat from the sun through and keep heat inside, making it simpler and more financially savvy to keep structures warm.

• Applied coating bar framework to hold the rich conventional little sheet impact, which permits a bigger discount profundity to be utilized to suit the cutting edge twofold coating units accessible now and later on.

• Choices of translucent coatings permit you to pick any shading or finish you so want. Treated softwood, Oak and Utile being the most well-known materials picked. VERTICAL SLIDING SASH WINDOWS Timber.