Timber Windows

Our Timber windows are alternative to our PVCu and Aluminium casement window ranges. Sometimes it is preferable as it has a natural beauty and depending on its application it may be more in keeping with an older buildings character and surroundings.

Timber Windows

Utilization of timber for assembling windows has been practically speaking since numerous decades and is relied upon to proceed for some ages to come. Since, when it go to the security for your home, office or some other spot the solidness and unwavering quality offered by windows made of timber can’t be offered by windows produced using some other material. Alongside this an intriguing element related with the timber is that it tends to be made in any shape contingent on the engineering of the spot, and in this way with changing time the planning example of windows from timber has experienced immense changes. One additionally fascinating component related with timber is that it doesn’t require a particular upkeep and by applying basic paint on them at normal interims, the windows created from it can get by for long time.

It is intrigued to realize that windows made of timber are not just introduced at the outside segment of wherever yet in addition inside the spot, particularly in the bed room, lounge, study room, kitchen, toilets and so forth. Anyway at these spots, utilization of timber scarf windows is exceptionally favored by the models, since windows with a choice of band encourages the smooth progression of light and ventilation inside where they are introduced. The specialists assembling such windows improve the bands with needed help that is fundamental for fortifying their firmness.

Another intriguing component related with the windows made of timber is that they are decorated with a multi-point locking design, along these lines offering a powerful answer for the security of your place from the eyes of gatecrashers. Consequently, regardless of whether you have developed another home or intending to supplant your current windows arrangement introducing timber made windows would be the incredible alternative for you to proceed onward.