Our TILT & TURN WINDOWS PVCu are alternative to our Timber and Aluminium Tilt & Turn range. Tilt & Turn windows are the most popular across mainland Europe allowing the biggest glass area. They are characterised by the fact that they open into your house. This can be useful if you have limited clearance outside and they are very easy to keep clean as even the outside of the glass can be washed easily from inside the room. Using a very clever hinge and locking mechanisim you can either open the top of the sash at a fixed angle to allow gentle ventilation or you can open it from the side giving the maximum possible aperture to let in as much fresh air and light as possible. Be careful to consider your available space inside, as a big Tilt & Turn window can take up quite a bit of space in a small room.

• Conforms to BS 7950 security standard.

• Full range of co-ex bead styles capable of glazing 24mm and 28mm units.

• Full range of aluminium and steel reinforcement.

• High security multi-point locking.