SLIDING PATIO DOORS PVCu – The Patio Door option is a popular style and works well where an opening may be too wide for French Doors or where restricted space makes a traditional hinged door option impractical.

Smooth rollers make opening the doors effortless and multiple locking points keep them secure.

Threshold height of 58mm as standard or 39mm with low line.

Glazing 28mm as standard.

Trickle ventilation provided through outerframe or over head vent.

Anti-lift security strip.

Four-point hook lock with one-piece keep.

Universal sash and interlock reinforcement.

White, Mahogany, Golden Oak, Mahogany on White, Golden Oak on White.

Changing a strong entryway for one with more glass, or making a bigger opening in your divider to consider a Sliding Patio Door is an incredible method for permitting progressively characteristic light into your home. Because of the quality of aluminum, every entryway board can be made more extensive than an uPVC entryway and the profiles will in general be slimmer, taking into consideration more glass and less edge. Magnificent U-Values can be accomplished with either a twin or triple track. Aluminum Sliding Patio Doors are accessible in a wide scope of RAL hues and require next to no upkeep to keep them looking great over an extensive stretch of time. 

uPVC Sliding Doors are vitality proficient, offering practical warm productivity to decrease warming expenses. They are low upkeep and cleaning is basic utilizing sudsy warm water. uPVC Sliding Patio Doors will in general have thicker sightlines than Aluminum. 

For entryway scarves up to 1.5 meters wide, an Inline Sliding Patio Door will be perfect in either Aluminum or uPVC. For bands over 1.5 meters wide and up to 3 meters wide, we would prescribe an Aluminum Lift and Slide Patio Door. Working Lift and Slide entryways is simple, essentially turn the handle through 180 degrees to raise the entryway following right after its marginally and the entryways at that point coast easily over the track.