The French Door system offers fantastic flexibility and maximises the opening area into a garden or terrace. It will allow maximum natural light into your home and if designed as opening-out it will not restrict the use of living space inside your room. It’s worth noting that with our French Doors there’s no need to bend down or reach for the sky when trying to open the second door. You can operate both sets of door locks (the master and the slave) by a pair of matching handles and one key will work both mechanisims. If your doors do not open out you should consider the addition of a restrictor to prevent them being damaged when blown back by the wind.

For extra security on hinged doors we can add ‘hinge bolts’ that are fixed to the hinge side of the door and penetrate into the reinforcing when closed. In the unlikely event that an unwelcome visitor attacks the hinges rather than the locks these devices prevent the door from being opened. This is particularly valuable on open-out doors as the hinges are on the outside.