FRENCH DOORS – Aluminium

The French Doors Aluminium system offers fantastic flexibility and maximises the opening area into a garden or terrace. It will allow maximum natural light into your home and if designed as opening-out it will not restrict the use of living space inside your room. It’s worth noting that with our French Doors there’s no need to bend down or reach for the sky when trying to open the second door. You can operate both sets of door locks (the master and the slave) by a pair of matching handles and one key will work both mechanisims. If your doors do not open out you should consider the addition of a restrictor to prevent them being damaged when blown back by the wind.

• Finishes of Polyester powder coat paint to BS6496 in a wide choice of colours.• High security multi-point locking.• Extruded out of aluminium-alloy AlMgSi 0,5 F22 according to DIN 1725.• Key operated locking handles.• Low thresholds comply with Document M building legislation.


Any individual who has a great deal of enthusiasm for entryways will reveal to you that French entryways are a standout amongst other entryway choices to pick. They are tasteful and add polish to essentially any structure of a home. They are increasingly similar to bits of workmanship. Indeed, even the decently evaluated and unobtrusive homes gain essentially regarding an incentive by just utilizing these guilefully created entryways. These entryways fuse glass boards. The edges can be made utilizing various sorts of materials. The most widely recognized ones are made of wood. Nonetheless, business entryways of this sort are regularly made of steel or aluminum to offer more quality and security. The edges of the entryways that are intended for private reasons for existing are typically wooden casings. Coating in these entryways is frequently done utilizing a solitary glass board. Notwithstanding, different boards of glass may likewise be utilized in these ways to improve their quality and protection abilities. The entryways utilized for outsides are generally made of twofold boards to keep climate out. For example, they keep heat inside during colder climate and keep heat outside during blistering climate. Embellishing grilles may likewise be added between the twofold sheets to improve the security of these entryways. The inside ones are frequently single paned.